The first and foremost mission of Scholars of Finance is to help shape our students to lead lives of integrity, stewardship, and servant leadership. In order to do this, we are developing a our Leadership Development Program in order to help our members grow as leaders consistent with our values.

This program is based in research, educational frameworks, leadership development best practices, and crafted in a way that we believe will fit into our members’ busy lives. It will include learning and development objectives, means of tracking progress, tools for self-reflection, reading and discussion materials, guidelines for building community, accountability, and clear action plans that can be tailored for one’s leadership development.

These are the principles we are adhering to:

  • We strive fervently to develop our members into the strongest leaders we can.
  • We’re learning while we teach. We actively seek diverse perspectives.
  • We’re exploring the leading opinions and research on principles, values, and character constantly.
  • If we were a for-profit business our “members” would be our “customers” and we are committed to providing them return on their investment.

We believe that this will benefit all of our stakeholders.

  • Students, we will help you develop yourself into the principled and successful leader you want to become.
  • Executives, you can influence, educate, inspire, and leave the lasting legacy and impact you’re aspiring to build.
  • Corporate recruiters and managers, we believe you’ll be eager to hire a Scholar of Finance.
  • Young professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to develop people because you are already a Scholar of Finance at heart or on paper.
  • Universities, we believe your students will receive complimentary benefit from our program.

Whether you’re interested in building this program or being a part of the initial pilot, drop us a note and we can discuss what’s possible.