Scholars of Finance (SOF) is an emerging non-profit organization seeking to fill the part-time position of Product Manager. As Product Manager, you will drive and participate in highly visible projects that will contribute to the national growth of SOF.


We’re a close, motivated team on a big mission to change trajectories for future leaders in the finance sector. We have a vision of a world where all finance leaders steward the world’s capital for the greater good. And our mission is to inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow.

Scholars of Finance is a national team, with 450+ members across 16 universities in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and several other markets. Since starting less than a year ago, we’ve raised more than $1M+ in seed funding and commitments and brought together 1200+ students with 400+ executives for values-based leadership development. We’re proud to be supported by partners including Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bank, and Piper Sandler, and advisors including Richard Davis, prior CEO of U.S. Bank, Teri List, Board Director of Microsoft, and Tony Paquette, CFO of Point72.



  • Map your Growth. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? What are your strengths? In what areas would you like to gain experience? You will answer these questions and cross-reference your responses with the strategic needs of SOF. You will work to design your quarterly objectives in collaboration with our CEO, COO, and National Management Team.
  • Grow as a Leader. You will spend several hours per month investing in your own leadership development and career planning. Our CEO and COO have been mentored by many banking executives over the last 10 years and are now mentors to high-potential young professionals. As their new mentee, you will work with to achieve your personal and professional development goals.
  • Make an Impact. Internships with SOF are great opportunities to work on strategic projects that meaningfully influence the future of our organization. You will contribute to reforming the reputation of finance by transforming its culture from the bottom up.



Strategic leadership

  • Recommend the nature and scope of present and future technology enhancements by reviewing program growth requirements. Appraising new product ideas as well as product changes.
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes. Maintain a product roadmap that addresses SOF’s current and future technological needs.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, and establishing personal networks.
  • Introduce and market new products by developing time-integrated plans through development, advertising, and production.

Cross-functional leadership

  • Coordinate teams across engineering, design, member success, programs, and other related functions to build and launch seamless technological enhancements.
  • Coordinate teams across engineering, design, member success, programs, and other related functions to build and launch seamless technological enhancements.
  • Work with the development team to formulate product sales strategies and supporting technology. 
  • Establish and coordinate relationships with vendors or contractors to build and maintain technology.
  • Supervise Management Interns and Task Force Interns by recruiting high-quality students and coaching them to provide maximum leverage.

Product Launch

  • Bring new tech products and enhancements to market.
  • Plan and drive product launches. 
  • Write operational requirements and follow up on project results. 
  • Write and execute quick time-to-market rollouts.
  • Manage products meticulously; outlining tasks, and following up on next steps for internal tracking systems

Product market fit research

  • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience to identify and fill product gaps. Generate new ideas that improve customer experience and drive growth. 
  • Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact.
  • Create buy-in for the product vision both internally and with key external partners.
  • See that stakeholder and member needs and desires are met.
  • Assess market competition by comparing the organization’s product to those of its competitors.

Reporting to Executive Management

  • Provide source data for member and professional communications by maintaining a central dashboard of useful statistics.
  • Provide information for management by preparing technology use forecasts in the short-term and long-term. Produce ad-hoc reports and analyses. 



Foundational Skills and Experience

  • Thorough understanding of basic and intermediate spreadsheet formulas.
  • Excellent written communication and the ability to summarize context, research, findings, and recommendations.
  • Ability to create a product roadmap.
  • Ability to manage projects via Google Sheets.
  • 1-2 previous internships or 1-2 years of general work experience.
  • Strong critical thinking skills. The ability to identify opportunities, anticipate challenges and gaps, and form contingency plans accordingly.
  • Ability to work independently and take ownership of outcomes while prioritizing and juggling multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment. 

Mentality for Success 

  • A strong passion for SOF’s mission, an interest in finance as a force for good, and a commitment to developing ethically and morally sound leaders.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation.
  • A desire and willingness to contribute beyond the job description. Dedicated to pushing the mission forward by necessary means.
  • Maintain humility to be an active leader––one who takes the responsibility to complete work even at the most fundamental level. The capacity to first, build a strategy and second, see that it is executed.
  • Courage to challenge the status quo according to logic and reason. Should something seem broken, fix it.
  • Unwavering responsiveness over email and Slack.

Nice-to-Have Experience

  • Researching, developing, and launching new products and programs.
  • Working, leading, and growing within small and nimble teams.
  • Building and rolling out systems internally across project management, financial management and accounting, and customer relationship management.
  • Driving marketing through key partnerships, email campaigns, driving traffic to a website, community word-of-mouth, etc.
  • Working with teams in multiple cities and different time zones.



  • Gain Unparalleled Experience. Scholars of Finance started with one leadership symposium and now is on its mission to change the future of the finance industry. As project manager, you will partner with our COO to design your personal and professional growth plan. Our COO will offer direct coaching in preparation for future success.
  • Build a Movement. Scholars of Finance fortunate has early traction, with partners including Goldman Sachs, Baird, U.S. Bank, and Piper Sandler.  Our advisors include Deb Schoneman, President of Piper Sandler; Richard Davis, former CEO of U.S. Bank; and Tony Paquette, CFO of Point72. You will contribute to the national organization from the ground up.
  • Work On What Matters. Scholars of Finance wants you to pursue your passions. We offer you a chance to choose your key quarterly objectives. We encourage you to run any idea you may have with, of course, the full support and guidance of our CEO and COO.
  • Work Remotely with flexibility. Work from anywhere in the world as long as you’re legally able to work in the U.S. and can be available between 9 am and 3 pm PT Monday through Friday for at least half of your working hours.

If you’re interested in contributing to our mission and taking your career to the next level, apply now.