Bring the ROI of Scholars of Finance to your community.

Executives and students alike have expressed a desire for Scholars of Finance to reach and impact more students in more markets. If your city or university does not currently have a Scholars of Finance chapter, we are happy to explore the possibility of you founding your own.

Creating a chapter results in a multitude of benefits.

Executives + Professionals

  • Lead the way in bringing something impactful to your community
  • Access the Scholars of Finance Executive Network both locally and nationally
  • Develop thought leadership in finance by learning and contributing
  • Receive premier access to top young talent for your firm
  • Mentor students to develop as a manager and leader


  • Exercise your entrepreneurial muscles and be more attractive to employers
  • Learn about the world of finance while gaining real-world experience
  • Access top-tier leadership development opportunities
  • Be a part of a community of principled leaders in the finance industry
  • Be paired with mentors that are invested in your success

In 2020, we will launch new chapters across the country. Currently, we are launching chapters at Harvard University, MIT, Brown University, and more. If you are interested in being a Co-founder in this movement, let us know soon!


If you want to inspire integrity and stewardship in finance within your community, please apply to develop a chapter.

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