National Team

We’re currently hiring our first two full-time staff to lead and build Scholars of Finance over the coming years. This is a unique opportunity to join a start-up organization with strong momentum and take it to the next level of impact.

These leaders will partner with the BOD to build and manage national operations, develop our growing chapter system, oversee organizational revenue and finances, and strengthen our programs to deliver more value to students.

We have ambitious goals as an organization, to give you a snapshot of the type of impact you can have as a member of our team, below are a snapshot of some of our Objectives and Key Results for 2019.

We’re looking for people to join our team

Open Positions

Objective 1

Invest in program excellence and delivery

Key Result 1: Leadership Team + Community, Symposium, Speaker Series, Mentorship Network, Leadership Development Program all fully operational in both Minneapolis and Chicago

Key Result 2: Strengthen core programs with 2+ more iterations of each live program across Minneapolis & Chicago

Objective 2

Grow to 4 cities and 8 universities

Key Result 1: Select founding teams in Bay Area (Stanford University, University of California Berkeley) and New York City (Columbia University, New York University) and host first team meeting in both markets

Key Result 2: Grow to 150 members and design and implement systems/process to connect national organization

Objective 3

Strengthen national leadership

Key Result 1: Structure & launch Leadership Advisory Board for early-mid career professionals that are expressing interest in Scholars of Finance

Key Result 2: Hire CEO by April & COO by August for national expansion and operations

Passion for our mission, commitment to our work together, entrepreneurial spirit, and high performance are the key qualities that will lead to success in these roles. If you’re interested in building this organization, we’d love to hear from you.

Student Leadership

There is a growing body of student leaders who are deeply invested in our organization’s mission and success.

All student leadership teams are on executive committees with cross-functional projects that affect both our local and national impact. They have the opportunity to conduct research and build strategy, lead teams to bring projects to market, manage finances, foster relationships with top executives, and be mentored intensively by our Board of Directors.

Our past student leaders have gone on to graduate and join organizations like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and many others. If you’re interested in opportunities as an undergraduate that will help you become a future leader, apply to become a Scholar of Finance today.


If you’re interested in making an impact with Scholars of Finance or just have questions, please reach out and we’ll gladly discuss possible opportunities.