The path to leadership shouldn’t be a lonely journey. We’re growing as a chapter based organization with a community at our core so that our members learn alongside other leaders.

We emphasize membership in our chapters for pragmatic reasons. Finance is an industry that largely functions through relationships. We’ve seen at our first chapter that Scholars of Finance creates lifelong connections, and oftentimes, newfound friendships that we will believe will contribute to stronger careers for our members. Our chapters provide members opportunities to gain real-world experience on projects that differentiate them among competing candidates.

Our chapters are where Scholars of Finance “happens”. If you want all the benefits of being a member, quickly and easily apply.

We’re currently in the process of developing new chapters at Brown, Harvard, MIT, and UPenn. If you live, work, or have relationships in one of these markets and are interested in helping us bring Scholars of Finance to these schools, please reach out! The more help we have, the sooner these students will be reap the benefits.

Whether you’re a student interested in learning about becoming a leader, or a leader interested in teaching these values, we’d love to have you join us