We operate on the 100% model for our donations

Scholars of Finance categorizes our fundraising efforts into two categories – programs and growth –  and donors have the option to select their preference. 


Donations allocated to Growth fund National Operating Expenses, which includes national staff and critical infrastructure needed to operate and grow SOF (technology, marketing, payroll, etc.). A majority of our staff’s time is dedicated to student support and programs.


Donations allocated to Programs fund local chapters events and community building activities such as symposia, speaker series, values forums, chapter apparel, etc. Additionally, any money fundraised by a chapter is 100% allocated to their chapter.

The 100% Model, which was made popular by charity: water, a best in class non-profit that we receive mentorship from, ensures that 100% of all program donations go directly towards Programs and that 100% of all Growth funding goes directly towards national initiatives that will support our chapters and students in the long-run. When donating above you’re able to choose where to allocate your capital.

You have impact.

More than 1,000 students have attended our programs to date. We plan to expand into new cities and aim to reach several thousands of students by 2021.

We are working hard to strengthen our current programs, develop and launch new programs, and improve the support and experience we provide students.

Whether you’re an individual that wants to give $100 or an institution that wants to give $100,000, your support makes our vision a reality.


The Angel Fund is a community of passionate donors who support our mission with monthly giving.

Join our community of monthly donors inspiring integrity in future finance leaders. As a member of the Angel Fund, you have the ability to create a direct and visible impact on our students by donating to either growth or programs. Angels fund our work – we are the only organization doing this work, and our vision is changing where billions of dollars are invested in the future by teaching values such as integrity. As a member of the Angel Fund, you will receive monthly updates on the impact you’re having, invitations to key events, and quarterly update events with our CEO and executive team. Join now.


We adhere to the following principles when we manage your philanthropic capital:

We are transparent.

Our donors will know exactly where their dollars are going. If we are responsible stewards and set proper expectations while fundraising, this will create trust and foster long term financial growth and health.

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We are stewards.

We will uphold our values and steward the capital we raise. When we are granted hard-earned funding from donors, friends, institutions, and members, we take that seriously, and will shepherd these funds to make the impact upon which the donations were predicated.

We are investors.

The money that we’re collecting is an investment in the long term future of the finance industry and the world at large. We believe that the capital we collect will contribute to a better future. We will, therefore, examine how to most effectively mobilize this funding for long-term value creation for our students.


The Momentum Fund is a group of visionary leaders who enable the growth of Scholars of Finance.

Momentum Investors pledge annual commitments of $10k for a minimum of 3 years to help fund Scholars of Finance’s staff, expansion, technology, and all other operating expenses. Thanks to Momentum Fund donors, we are able to continuously improve and expand nationwide. Momentum Investors accelerate SOF’s growth and generate positive returns for the organization and the thousands of students our organization serves. These donors fuel our mission to inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow.



The Alpha Fund is a private group of donors that fund Scholars of Finance's overhead.

Alphas pledge annual commitments of $25k minimum to fund Scholars of Finance's staff, growth, travel, and all other operating expenses. Thanks to these donors, we utilize 100% of other donations to fund student programs directly. Alphas also significantly impact our strategy as they enable us to plan with knowledge of future operational budgets. Our first Alpha Fund "vintage" will enable us to truly scale SOF by hiring a team and strengthening our foundation to scale. Alphas get it. They believe in SOF's vision of a bold new era of principled finance leaders.


Ways to Donate

Angel Fund

Angels are a community of donors that give monthly.


Momentum Fund

Momentum donors fund our growth through $10k-$20k annual donations.


Alpha Fund

Alphas give $25K+ annual donations to fund our growth.

Give Online

Choose to give to SOF one-time, monthly, or annually.


Give Stock

Support our mission by donating stock to Scholars of Finance.


Whether you’re a student interested in learning about becoming a leader, or a leader interested in teaching these values, we’d love to have you join us.