Bring the ROI of Scholars of Finance to your community.

Executives and students alike have expressed a desire for Scholars of Finance to reach and impact more students in more markets. If your city or university does not currently have a Scholars of Finance chapter, we are happy to explore the possibility of you founding one.

Executives + Professionals

  • Receive premier access to top young talent for your firm
  • Access the Scholars of Finance Executive Network both locally and nationally
  • Develop thought leadership in finance by learning and contributing
  • Mentor students to develop themselves as a manager and leader
  • Drive outsized ROI as you pay it forward with your time, treasure, and talent


  • Exercise your entrepreneurial muscles and be more attractive to employers
  • Learn about your personal values while gaining real-world finance experience
  • Take part in top-tier leadership and character development opportunities through our programs
  • Build a community of people interested in finance at your university
  • Learn how to connect with mentors and build long-term relationships


Students build and lead local chapters to deliver all of our programs to their peers, hold each other accountable, and sharpen one another on their leadership journeys in finance.


  • Recruit top student peers to join your leadership team
  • Lead your team to make a huge impact together
  • Get 3-5 hours/week of real-world experience growing your chapter


  • Lead impactful programs and events at your school
  • Shape your campus culture with a values-based finance community 
  • Acquire valuable skills to strengthen your resume


  • Learn directly from top finance executives and investors
  • Become a leader in a national movement and community
  • Develop your entrepreneurship as you build your chapter


Submit an Application: Tell us why you are interested in being a leader at Scholars of Finance. We will be in touch.

Initial Interviews: Potential founders partake in initial interviews with fellow Student Leaders to confirm alignment with Scholar of Finance’s Mission, Vision, and Values as well as gauge experience and qualifications.

Final Interview: Potential founders have a final interview with the CEO or an appointed delegate to confirm alignment with the Scholars of Finance’s Mission, Vision, and Values and to gauge experience and qualifications.

Source Co-Founders: Once 3-6 student co-founders are sourced, a member of our National Team will help host a kick-off meeting.

Build Leadership Team: Initial co-founders recruit the remainder of the Leadership Team for the chapter, with support from a member of our National Team.


What SOF teaches is not only content and providing resources, but it also helps you build a community of fellow Scholars of Finance committed to upholding values of integrity, humility, courage, and stewardship. No other programs or organizations specifically target ethical leadership in the same way.

Ansaar BaigCo-Founder, NWU Chapter

There are no other organizations like Scholars of Finance at UC Berkeley. Other clubs may preach ethics, but it’s not their core pillar like it is for SOF. Values-based leadership is what differentiates SOF, and complements the learning I get in the classroom.

Ishan GillCo-Founder, UC Berkeley Chapter

Throughout my time with SOF I have been able to develop a firm understanding of my values and principles as well as how I can live true to them. I now have a framework that I can use to evaluate my decisions and ensure that I’m acting in accordance with my deepest held values…

Nishant SinghalCo-Founder, Princeton Chapter

SOF and its mentorship program has been an incredible experience for me... my mentor has been amazing and he has certainly increased my passion for financial services and Scholars of Finance’s potential impact.

Dennis FranklinCo-Founder, Columbia Chapter

When I found Scholars of Finance I knew we needed a chapter at Stern! For SOF, we're all here to serve the broader community and the members of my chapter make an incredible team.

Tiffany ChangCo-Founder, NYU Chapter

SOF’s feedback culture is tremendously powerful, since it grows members who can be more successful in their classes, careers, and lives. I credit my time in SOF with strengthening my growth mindset in work situations.

David BockInvestment Banking Analyst at Piper Sandler

If you’re interested in being a part of an SOF chapter, but are unsure if there’s a chapter at your school, take a look at our participating universities below.

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If you want to inspire integrity and stewardship in finance within your community, apply to launch a chapter.

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