Our vision, mission, and values are at the center of everything we do and build.

We believe that there are already so many principled leaders that uphold the values of integrity and stewardship in finance. John Taft, one of our Advisorys executives wrote a book, “Stewardship”, about principled financial leadership.

Our vision and mission are oriented towards all future finance executives being principled leaders.


A future where all finance leaders steward the world's capital to serve the greater good.


To inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow.

Organization + Team Values

Since our primary focus is to espouse ethics, integrity, and stewardship among the finance leaders of tomorrow, we orient conversations around how to uphold these values at home, at work, and while making investment decisions. While these discussions are held within the context of our organization, we believe the truths we uncover apply universally to all aspects of a leader’s life. Below are the team values that make us effective as an organization.

At Scholars of Finance, our values are incredibly important to us. When the founding team developed them, it was through a process of weeks of introspection, discussion, and dozens of hours of debate. We arrived at a set of values and behaviors that we can all strive to uphold. We have ongoing discussions about our values and even offer each other 360° feedback with our values as a touchstone.


Do what’s right

  • Do the right thing, always
  • Build trust through transparency and accountability 
  • Honor your responsibilities and commitments
  • Speak the truth at all times


Serve others

  • Foster relationships with respect and empathy
  • Offer kindness and forgiveness to everyone 
  • Be generous with your time, energy, and resources
  • Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion


Know thyself

  • Serve a purpose greater than yourself
  • Cultivate gratitude for what you have
  • Recognize both your strengths and limitations
  • Ask for and share honest feedback regularly


Know the world

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood 
  • Realize that there is always more to learn
  • Value every situation as a growth opportunity
  • Pursue and embrace diverse perspectives


Do excellent work

  • Accept nothing less than your best
  • Develop credibility through consistency
  • Operate patiently and think long term
  • Live a healthy and balanced life


Act boldly

  • Solve large and important problems in the world
  • Stand up for what you believe is right
  • Remain calm during difficult times
  • Embrace change and help others do the same

Whether you’re a student interested in learning about becoming a leader, or a leader interested in teaching these values, we’d love to have you join us.