Scholars of Finance is a bold initiative, currently established in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and San Francisco, that helps develop the next generation of highly capable financial executives, who will act and lead from a strong grounding in principles and ethics.

We help undergraduate finance students build character and lead with integrity. SOF does this through leadership symposia, speaking engagements, a mentorship network, and a proprietary financial leadership development program.

Through our programs, more than 400 students have been mentored by nearly 100 executives – and we’re just getting started.

We believe that helping future finance leaders build character can change the whole world for the better

We’re constantly developing programs and services to inspire integrity and stewardship principles among our members.

We’re backed by top partners in the finance industry who believe that finance needs what we are building.

We’re a dedicated volunteer team of professionals working diligently to build character in everyone that joins our organization.

Scholars of Finance is a collaborative effort among top financial institutions, executives, universities, and students.