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SoF has allowed me to dream about my future much more specifically than I ever could have done previously. Through conversations with other members about the specific causes we hope to contribute to, I have been able to look into the feasibility of multiple paths. In essence, having a community of like-minded individuals around you makes you better (iron sharpens iron!). Through spending time with other Scholars and listening in depth to their aspirations, I have been able to assist others in finding their life’s purpose.

Tanner ClarkFinance Student

It is impossible to talk about Scholars of Finance without mentioning the business executives who firmly believe in our mission. I had the opportunity to meet with and learn from finance leaders across industries. I heard firsthand what these leaders are doing in their communities and the visions they have for the future of our work. I marvel at, yet am not entirely surprised, by the rapid rate finance leaders embrace our mission and I am thrilled to be along for the ride.

Neha UpadhyayaFinance Student

I recommend any professional who has achieved success in our difficult, tumultuous industry to share their wisdom, guidance, and support to our young people who want to follow in our footsteps. It is so rewarding and fulfilling!

Rosemary AcamporaFirst Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors, Mentor

Since day one, Scholars of Finance developed me personally and professionally. It started with an onboarding meeting. We openly discussed our individual values and areas we find difficult to overcome in our lives, and what the team could do to help. This first moment called for courage to articulate what you believe, and have the humility to admit your challenges. The group of strangers quickly became my close friends that I could rely on.

Keean BensonStudent

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