Join a movement that’s gaining momentum across the country

The chapters are where Scholars of Finance truly “happens”. They are the heart of our organization. Our founding chapters in Minneapolis and Chicago are thriving and we welcome applications for membership.

Today, these chapters have an executive advisory board, analyst/young professional advisory board, executive student leadership team, and numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and become a stronger leader. You can have access to all the benefits of SOF that you’ve read about by becoming a member.

Executives + Professionals

  • Access the Scholars of Finance Executive Network both locally and nationally
  • Develop thought leadership in finance by learning and contributing
  • Receive premier access to top young talent for your firm
  • Mentor students to develop as a manager and leader
  • Enjoy high ROI ways to pay it forward with your time, treasure, and talent


  • Grow more credible and attractive to potential employers
  • Learn about the world of finance while gaining real-world experience
  • Access top-tier leadership development opportunities
  • Be a part of a community of principled leaders in the finance industry
  • Be paired with mentors that are invested in your success

We have chapters at more than 15 universities across the country. Students and executives are making an impact in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and across the Northeast.


We are currently launch chapters at Brown, Harvard, MIT, and other top schools. If you want to set yourself apart, become a founder.


If you want to grow as a leader and invest in your future reach out today to join a chapter.