Our Angel Investors donate monthly to transform finance. 100% of their support funds programs directly. Angel Investors fund our mission. Our vision is changing where billions of dollars are invested in the future and our Angel Investors fuel the student experience. As a member of the Angel Fund, in addition to knowing 100% of your capital is directly supporting student programs, you can expect monthly updates on the impact you’re having, invitations to key events, and quarterly update events with our CEO and executive team as well.

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Impact Metrics

$20/Month funds 1 chapter leader

$100/Month funds mentorship for one student

$200/Month funds LDP for one student

We adhere to the following principles when we manage your philanthropic capital:

We are transparent.

Our donors will know exactly where their dollars are going. If we are responsible stewards and set proper expectations while fundraising, this will create trust and foster long term financial growth and health.

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We are stewards.

We will uphold our values and steward the capital we raise. When we are granted hard-earned funding from donors, friends, institutions, and members, we take that seriously, and will shepherd these funds to make the impact upon which the donations were predicated.

We are investors.

The money that we’re collecting is an investment in the long term future of the finance industry and the world at large. We believe that the capital we collect will contribute to a better future. We will, therefore, examine how to most effectively mobilize this funding for long-term value creation for our students.

Join us on the journey to transform finance.

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