The Alpha Fund is a private group of donors that fund Scholars of Finance's overhead.

Alpha "Investors" pledge annual commitments of $25k minimum to fund Scholars of Finance's staff, growth, travel, and all other operating expenses. Thanks to these donors, we utilize 100% of other donations to fund student programs directly. Alpha Investors also significantly impact our strategy as they enable us to plan with knowledge of future operational budgets. Our first Alpha Fund "vintage" will enable us to truly scale SOF by hiring a team and strengthening our foundation to scale. Alpha Investors get it. They believe in SOF's vision of a bold new era of principled finance leaders.

2020-2022 Priorities for our Alpha Fund

Hire team and technology to support national expansion

Measure and maximize student impact empirically

Invest in program excellence and continuous innovation

Launch chapters at dozens of additional top universities

If you're interested in learning more about how to join the alpha, we'd love to hear from you.