The National Speaker Series is a premier recurring event held by Scholars of Finance which gives students the opportunity to learn from the most principled leaders in finance at scale.


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In order to transition into a fully digital world and better connect our students at chapters across the country, we host virtual speaking events for our entire community. These discussions give our students the opportunity to learn from and speak with the world’s top financial leaders and investors. The conversations generally revolve around capital stewardship, leadership development, and the implementation of values in our decision making.

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Anne Black

Anne Black is a creative and entrepreneurial philanthropy leader with more than ten years of executive experience at Goldman Sachs Foundation and Goldman Sachs Gives. She focuses on driving change and new ideas that benefit society while also building the firm's brand and culture.

Anne Black worked at the forefront of strategic philanthropy and social impact at a time of great change in our world and in this sector. CSR and ESG initiatives have become essential in business, and she has collaborated with top corporate executives, clients and thought leaders who have sought her expertise to understand the trends shaping society and how philanthropy can create a better future and have lasting impact.

Tuesday, October 20th @ 6pm EST

Anne Black

President of Goldman Sachs Gives


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