We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

At Scholars of Finance, we believe that mentorship relationships deliver outsized returns for both parties invested in them.

To confirm our assumptions, we conducted primary and secondary research to see if it would be a fit for our members. We interviewed dozens of students and executives and also sent out surveys to ~50 students and ~30 executives to better understand if a mentorship program would make sense, and if so, learn how to structure it.

Executives and students expressed a strong interest in mentorship. We used our findings to develop a pilot program. Staying true to program design principles, we have iterated on the program, and V3 of our Mentorship Network is currently live.

We also confirmed how busy finance executives are, so we structured our program to create an opportunity for maximum impact with very manageable time investments.

The executives often said they want to give back to their community, develop students for potential employment, and share their experience and expertise.

Many executives have had a mentor that radically impacted them and want to pay it forward. Others said they have mentored someone and reportedly, “earn as much as, if not more than, the student.”




Students said they are mostly looking to learn more information about certain career paths, build new relationships, and demystify the business world outside of college. Our members are also interested in learning about how to become principled leaders.

Whether learning career skills, answering the tough questions, or exchanging constructive feedback about behavior and character, having a mentor, and being a mentor, can be transformative.

The students are, in aggregate, very interested in mentorship. However, most of them are not currently mentored by anyone. In fact, many are looking for their first mentor.

Asking someone to be a mentor for the first time, or even the 3rd time, can be intimidating, feel awkward, or seem riddled with complexity and nuance. We make the process easy by pairing you and introducing you to a mentor.


If you want pay it forward by shaping a future principled leader reach out for
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