Our leadership development and mentorship programs foster a culture of integrity, capital stewardship, and moral financial leadership.

Our impact goes beyond the students who join our organization. Stakeholders include:

  • Students
  • Executives
  • Universities
  • Recruiters
  • Society (as a whole)

Our programs provide students and professionals powerful opportunities

Develop, or become, the next generation of financial leaders to make a positive impact on the industry, your community, and the world
Learn from renowned thought leaders in the industry to understand how their strategic focus on core principles has contributed to their success in finance
Expand your network and potential opportunities with the current and future financial leaders in your area
Find the next candidate your firm is going to hire or meet the hiring manager who will open the door to your next opportunity

As leaders, we believe we always have much to learn. Our National Speaker Series connects executives with our student members to have honest conversations about how to lead with our core values in any situation.

Our mentorship program pairs our student members with principled finance executives

Our proprietary Leadership Development Program equips students to examine their values and proactively hone their own character for years to come

Whether you are a professional or student, very busy or have spare time, there are ways to get involved at various levels of time and commitment

Our flagship event, the Leadership Symposium, brings together hundreds of finance students and executives for mentorship, networking, and honest conversation